File Explorer Interface

When you log in to a vault, the SOLIDWORKS PDM user interface is integrated with Windows Explorer, with added menu options, toolbar buttons, and dialog boxes.

The navigation pane on the left lets you browse vaults and folders.

The Windows Explorer toolbar and SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar give you access to commands and features that are available for vault files or folders you select in the right pane.

Display menu options let you choose which of three right pane views is displayed.

Show FilesLists vault folders and files in the upper section of the right pane.

正常进入惠泽天下58hznetThis is the default view, also known as File View.

正常进入惠泽天下58hznetTabs in the lower section of the right pane let you preview files and display file details like data cards and version information.

Show Bills of MaterialsLists named Bills of Materials (BOMs) and activated computed BOMs in the current folder.

正常进入惠泽天下58hznetThe lower section of the pane displays BOM information for the selected BOM.

Show Search ResultsOpens the search card that was used most recently in the current folder.

The center section of the right pane lists the results.

Tabs in the lower section of the pane let you view information about files you select in the results list.

To change the right pane view, click Display正常进入惠泽天下58hznet and select the view to display.